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Fiscal Management

Fiscal Management Services

Your Bridgegate team works together to provide the most up to the minute information about the financial status of your Corporation. Some specific services that Bridgegate provides are:

  • Prepare and disperse budget and assessment notices.
  • A collections protocol which includes delinquency notices, interest penalties, caveats and legal action.
  • Prepare payables for the Board
  • A complete reporting package of monthly statements is prepared and provided to the Board.
  • Access to qualified accountants for the purposes of setting up accounts from turnover information.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the Board to review and approve for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Prepare 5 year plans for Capital Reserve recommendations.

Property Physical Maintenance

Bridgegate is proactive in maintaining your homes and investments. With regular site inspections your manager will ensure that regular maintenance is being carried out to the highest standards.

Bridgegate has developed business rapports with numerous contractors in all fields of building maintenance. We will obtain competitive quotes from respected contractors of the industry.

Proper planning for a Condominium Corporation is achieved through the established budgets and 5 year plans.

Maintenance of the Condominium is the most visible sign of how well the Corporation is managed. Let Bridgegate show you how well your Corporation can be managed because your home is our business!

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Property Management System

Management System

The Management System used by Bridgegate is not only derived by years of experience in managing Corporations, but Bridgegate is also paving the way in our digital age.

Bridgegate not only provides the services of most management companies that include:

  • Fiscal Management Accounting Services
  • Physical Maintenance of Common Property Areas
  • Board Meeting Support
  • Records and Correspondence
  • Insurance
  • Bylaw information

Constant Innovation!

Bridgegate is also looking for new innovations in the communications between the Board, the Owners and Management.

Mobile Issues Tracking App

Bridgegate has developed a mobile site for Owners and the Board to communicate issues with your Management team. Your Bridgegate Manager is always a click away.

An instant communication tool with direct access to your property manager to advise of maintenance issues. A tracking system allows the Owner/tenant to have an issued ticket number to follow the progress of issues to the resolution. The system also supports the Board in recording and monitoring issues within the complex.

Bridgegate Property App

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